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Introduction Dsc Iran


1. the classes in this center include ,Table tennis,mosaic,drama therapy,form movements,vocalizations and singing,percussion ensembles,solo percussion instruments (Tombak and Daf ...),solo Piano,painting, private and group English language classes,Private Occupational Therapy,Group therapy, Speech Therapy,Mental training,music therapy, Motion and sports skills,Read with me.

2.In the field of sports four members in 1386 participated in the Special Olympics World China - Shanghai and they won four gold medals, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals, respectively, in 1387 November in the playoffs for the regional MENA (North Africa and Middle East) in different areas they participated and won 12 silver and 5 bronze medals with 16 gold and returned to the country. And on 2 to 12 October 89, 15 athletes of the center in the fields swimming, Buchchi, table tennis, football and weightlifting went to Syria (Damascus) to participate in the games MENA region and returned with 19 medals (3 gold, 7 silver and 9 bronze).


3. On 31/3/90 a group of 14 athletes were sent to Greece (Athens) and participated in Thirteenth world games in 2011 and in eight majors they won 20 medals (7 gold, 8 silver and 5 bronze). Due to celebrate this occasion and for celebrate this  athletes on 14/7/1390 a party were held and prizes were awarded to them in Arasbaran art academy.

4. Tow athletes of the center were sent to Lebanon (Beirut) and participated in Mena region Fencing of Middle East and North Africa and awarded 4 silver and 4 Bronze medals.

5.  Hold a celebration of dispatched athletes to Syria in 6/8/89 Persian date and a celebration of dispatched athletes to Athens in 1390 Persian date in Honar Cultural center and dedicated award to athletes, coaches and curators and other students of center.

6. six member of the center in swimming, running, Buchchi, table tennis won the first to third place In Mena regional games 2014 that was held in Egypt.

7. Eight membesr of the center in swimming, running, Table tennis, Football, weightlifting won first to third place of the games.

8. In the cultural part and informing the families via website, publications and invites families through SMS system to participate in free monthly counseling sessions by specialists and specially Dr.Sahel Hemmati the inspector of the center.

9. Participation in medical meetings and congresses related to persons with down syndrome.

10. Forming assistance unit from January 1386 to help low-income families and paying all cost of medicine and surgery cost of this clients.

11. Participate in the 20th Fajr Film festival and playing theatre (please keep busy). This theater have been selected and awarded from superior of theater home and also participating in 28th Fajr festival by playing (Ahi Sefid) theater that the content was anti war. And 2 performed theater  in outdoor of City Theater Salon.

12. 1386 persian date Nowruz celebration and the celebration party for athletes on January 87 in Honar cultural center and performing music concert in the Ferdos Cultural center.

13. Holding charity Bazaar in the  Varzahang complex in Gandi  street of Tehran in 9/12/87 to Familiarize people with abilities of down syndrome persons and second charity Bazaar in 14/12/88 in Hotan Sport complex.

14. Printing and distribution of New year card using drawings of art students in the last 5 years.

15. The first scientific conference (learning about Down syndrome) in collaboration with the university of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation have been held in 2 and 3 march 1388.

16. The groups of theater student participated in citizen theater festival  in 1390 and Aida Adelpour, one of the actress obtained the certificate and Diploma of honor and Mr.Rasoul Haghshenas obtained acknowledgement. This group participated in city hall in international day of disable person.

17. Holding the second scientific congress (27th and 28th February 1389) to learn about down syndrome with this slogan: conscious families-capable children at the  university of social welfare and rehabilitation sciences.

18. Holding the third scientific conference to learn about down syndrome that its name was improving the health of family and child with down syndrome in 14th and 15th March at the university of social welfare and rehabilitation sciences.

19. Holding the fourth charity handicraft and food Bazaar at the Varzahang stadium in 5/12/1390.

20. Cooperation with doctoral and master research project of senior experts and universities.

21. Also in 6 February 1389 third charity food and handicraft Bazaar have been hold at the Varzahang complex in Gandi street that was interesting for people.

22. Our clients use Tohid sport Complex 2 days a week from 1387 and they use the pool for women and men from January of this year and also have used the Hub salon of this complex.

23. Holding one day excursion with 46 clients of the center and their families to Mahalat for visit interesting places and that was very amazing day and every one had a good memory of the day.

24. Puppet show Elected persons in theater intenational festival 2012 India as top 10 theater of this festival.

25. Hosting the second special Olympics sport and cultural conference on 6 Feb 1391 in Western Tehransar Esteghlal sport complex in 5 major (running, Buchchi, table tennis, badminton, and swimming).

26. participation of child in the games children`s festival on 30/11/91

27. Holding 5th charity food and handicraft Bazaar Located in Ekbatan Afrooz Bazaar in March 1391.

28.  Theater group of the center was selected between 26 theater in 20th children international festival that was happened in Hamedan 24 October 1392.

29. The theater group of center was playing 3 show in children international festival and they won special award of Jury and the audience cheered them and stood a few minutes to respect this group.

30. participation of the athletes of center in 4th special Olymopic which held in Damghan on September 1392.

31. Holding painting Exhibition in Ibn sina Cultural center located in Shahrak Gharb on November 1392 that was interesting for audience.

32. 7th handicraft and food charity bazaar held with presence of several centers in place of  disable persons municipal transportation system from 9 Am to 19 and with presence of famous people like Ali Dehkordi, Parvaz Homay, Rozbe Nematolahi, Mohsen Afshani, Amir Hossein Modares, Behtash Fariba, M ohamadreza Mahdavi, Mohammad Navazi in March 1392.

33. The presence of center`s clients in equitation class for one day a week in Aria Asb Equitation school.

34. 4th Scientific Conference to getting know about down syndrome at the University of Welfare and Rehabilitation on 5 and 6 March 93.

35. 8th handicraft and food charity bazaar held with presence of several centers in place of disable persons municipal transportation system from 9 am to 19 and with presence of famous people like Ali dehkordi, Fatemeh Goudarzi, Yadollahi Afshin, Mohammad Reza humble, Farzad Hasani, Nima Nakisa, Navayekohan Music band, Zarde yavash Music Band.