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What is Down syndrome?

What is Down syndrome?

Down Syndrome

Syndrome is a symptom complex of physical and mental condition and down syndrome is the name of English physician which has found this symptom about 200 years ago. The cause of this phenomenon is a kind of disorder in the Chromosome arrangement that happened in the Meiosis and embryonic stage. Those who have Down syndrome have 47 chromosomes instead of 46 chromosome. Chromosome is a small fraction of cells that genes accumulated in and contains information that shapes our bodies like hair and skin and eye color, being male or female.  Additional chromosome in the body of a person who has Down syndrome affects the information of the above factors. People with Down syndrome have differences with others and part of this difference is due to the appearance and other characteristics related to particular mental attribute. It is important to know that the syndrome is not like the common cold, but rather this disease occurs before birth. Although this persons often has lake of enough ability, but their talent to do some of jobs amazes us.

The effect of Down Syndrome in Growth Process!

People with Down syndrome have delay in mental and physical growth stages. They learn siting, talking and walking later than others.But today with the help of rehabilitation (occupational therapy, speech therapy and music therapy and mental training game ...) it could be acceleration the speed of movement development of children with Down syndrome. The rehabilitation needs of this children should be considered. With regard to delayed speech in children with Down syndrome it is nessecary to ensuring about  health of their hearing sense. If individuals with Down syndrome are under proper care
 and are involved in daily activities in areas such as education, social behavior and personal affairs they could be Successful.


The age table of verbal & movement in normal childeren and childeren with down syndromen 
Age area of DS
Age area of Normal
sitting without support
3 month- 6
5 month- 9
8 month to 22
6 to 12 month
1 to 3 year
8 to 17 mnth
Walking alone
1 to 4 years
9 to 18 month
One word
1 to 4 years
8 to 23 Month
two word Phrase
2 to 7 year
15 to 23 month
Eating with fingers
1 to 24 month
until 7 month
Drinking with Glass
12 to 23 month
9 to 17 month
Use a spoon
13 to 39 month
13 to 20 month
Bladder control
2 to 7 years
16 to 24 month